Doc Johnson Gapers Latex Inflatable Butt Plug

ArrayDoc Johnson Gapers Latex Inflatable Butt Plug

This inflatable butt plug comes in a dark pink finish. Simply insert the plug and start pumping, its that simply! An excellent first anal toy for discovering inflatable sex toys.

Mearusing in at 4.5inches (circumference) and 5inches (insertable length) to begin with, this inflatable butt plug stretches to a 13inch circumference and 6.25inch insertable length! Plenty of plug to satisfy!

Zepplin Unisex Inflatable Butt Plug

ArrayCock Locker Medium Inflatable Butt Plug

Get yourself a Zepplin Unisex Inflatable Butt Plug and no night in will ever be boring again! Made from top quality black rubber, this inflatable butt plug is a top quality product designer specifically to satisfy.

Simply insert the plug and start pumping and get the plug up to the fullness that you appreciate the most!

Fifty Shades Darker Dark Desire Advanced Couples Kit

ArrayTitanMen Inflatable Wonder Latex Butt Plug

This is a simple yet effective inflatable butt plug from the excellent TitanMen adult toys range.

Measuring up to 13inches in circumference and 6.25inches in insertable length, you are sure to be in for a good time.

This butt plug comes with an easy to use handheld pump to allow you complete control when it comes to choosing the thickness of the plug once inserted.

Doc Johnson Ribbed Gapers Inflatable Plug

ArrayDoc Johnson Ribbed Gapers Inflatable Plug

This inflatable butt plug from the Doc Johnson range has been designed solely with stimulation in mind. Simply insert the plug, turn the valve to the off position and start pumping until you have the perfect length and girth.

This butt plug comes in a glossy pink finish and is ready to use straight out of the box. Reaching up to 7inches in length, you are to be sure of an amazing night with this plug!

Colt Expandable Butt Plug

ArrayColt Expandable Butt Plug

Check out the amazing Colt Expandable Butt Plug!

This inflatable butt plug is made of a black latex butt plug and a red pipe and pump. Once inserted into the anus, simply flick the valve to the close position and start pumping. Its ready to use straight out of the box.

Once you have pumped the plug up to the max, you can simply release the valve and it will slowly release the air, allowing a safe extraction.

Inflatable Vibrating Butt Plug

ArrayInflatable Vibrating Butt Plug

This is the daddy of all inflatable butt plugs, as it comes with a vibration mode! Insert the plug, pump it up until you’re happy with its length and girth, then turn on the vibrator and enjoy the fun!

Made from top quality latex, this is a premium inflatable butt plug.

Inflatable Butt Plug

ArrayInflatable Butt Plug

A medium sized inflatable butt plug, made from top quality premium rubber, this is an excellent butt plug for begginers. This plug is solid while deflated, however it inserts with ease, then you can pump it up to the fullness of your choice!

Liquorice Dip Butt Plugs

ArrayLarge Inflatable Butt Plug

This is a huge inflatable butt plug! Measuring it at up to 7.5inches of insertable length! Comes in a cream finish of soft latex.

Inject a bit of spice into your love life today with some inflatable sex toys!

Inflatable Rib Rider

ArrayInflatable Rib Rider

This is a super ribbed inflatable butt plug. Prepare yourself for an excellent evening in on your own or with a friend! Simply insert the plug with ease, then pump it up until its the perfect girth and length for you, or why not get a friend to pump it up for you!?

This butt plug is 10inches long and 8.5inches in circumference.

Anal Developer

ArrayAnal Developer Inflatable Butt Plug

The Anal Developer is a butt plug designed for beginnings. Also referred to as the Anal Trainer, this butt plug comes in black and has an option to inflatate to increase girth and length.

This is more of a probe than a plug and when fully inflated can measure up to 20inches long!

Perfect inflatable sex toy for spicing up your sex life!